Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Endless Summer

I escaped to Texas for a couple reasons, the main one being; it doesn't get cold-ever. Now, there are a couple days in the "winter" that get chilly, but never cold. I'm talking Idaho cold; snow up to the windows, frostbit fingertips, nose hair freezing, take your breath away, cold. Well, after spending about a year in Texas, I have actually come to miss (yes, miss) the cold. Most of the time I enjoy the heat, but on days like today when it's over 100 degrees and I can't make it to my car without sweat soaking through my shirt, my make-up starts to slide off my face, my hair frizzes out (no matter how much anti-frizz product I use), my bare feet get blistered from the smoldering cement on my attempt to check the mail without footwear, and the freckles on my face and arms start to darken within minutes of being outside, I start to long for autumn.

I want to sip hot cider and cuddle up under a fleece blanket with a good book. I want to wear fluffy socks. I want to go running in the rain, instead of on a treadmill. I want to get in my car and just slightly crack the windows for fresh air, instead of blasting the air conditioning like my life depended on it. I want to wear the awesome trooper boots I bought, instead of flip-flops.

 The grass is always greener on the other side, right? I just wish the grass was greener. In the meantime I'll just make good use of the summer...but I still wish I could wear my boots...

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