Friday, April 13, 2012

The Good'ol'will

In high school I was the girl who always had to have name brand everything. If it wasn't popular, I didn't wear it. If I thought for one second I'd stand out (in a bad way), I didn't wear it. If it was a hand-me-down, I didn't wear it. And if it was purchased at Walmart, I definitely didn't wear it. Thank heavens I grew up-or at least out of that nasty habit.

As most girls realize when they age, things that are oh-so-important in high school aren't nearly as significant in the real world. No one really cares if you have the 2 crossing half-circles on the butt of your abercrombie jeans. In order to make up for lost time, I have gone the other extreme, buying much of my clothing from secondhand stores and, heaven forbid, even picking up a piece from Walmart on occasion. I definitely still have my splurges, but the beautiful thing is no one can really tell what I spent bucko bucks on and what I got for pennies. Or maybe they can and I'm just oblivious :) Regardless, life is so much better not fretting about brands and labels, let me tell you.

Now, it's not easy to be a secondhand shopper, it usually takes more time searching and a lot more creativity. But, if you purchase 3 items for 10 bucks, and you only end up loving one, it's still a steal.

A couple days ago, after rummaging through some "pre-loved" goodies, I brought home some beautiful new additions to my wardrobe. And then made my roomie take some pictures to prove that you can dress like a fashionista without spending like one.

His and hers

Lastly, you'll be tempted to disregard all washing/handling instructions because you're not going to pay 10 bucks to get those 6-dollar wool pants dry cleaned. But don't. Because you may end up with capris. Unless of course you like capris. In which case, go right ahead.