Friday, November 5, 2010

Life in the ER

Well...if you haven't guessed by the 2 month lack of postings...I got a job! And OH what a job it is. I have been working for Southwest General Hospital for about a month and half now and I love it! ...most of the time. I decided, while trying to weigh my options, to start in the department that scared me the most. After all, what better place to learn than in the middle of all the the ER?!?

There have certainly been times I question my reasoning, but so far I haven't killed anybody, and have managed to not be yelled at too much by my patients OR the doctors. However, I continue to keep my fingers crossed every day.

A few things I love about the ER.

1. No bed baths. Don't get me wrong...I like a good bed bath just as much as the next person, but I am happy to say I no longer give them.
2. If your patient is worries...they will be gone in an hour anyway. I mean out of the ER of course, not dead.
3. Every day is like a reality T.V. show...or a Spanish soap opera...I'm not sure which yet.

A few things I hate about the ER.

1. Emergencies that are NOT emergencies. I'm sorry that you have pink eye, but come back when there is a three inch nail protruding from your pink eye. ha okay that is a little harsh...but you get the point.
2. Messing with pre-diagnosed patients is risky business. I will be amazed if I don't end up with shingles before Christmas.
3. I'm convinced my co-workers think I have no personality. In all reality, I'm just trying to stay above water and don't have time for trivial things like conversation...or humor.

Okay, there may be SOME truth to all of that...but the real truth is that the ER is great. I go home every day feeling like I accomplished something meaningful. I work with some AMAZING people who are so talented and I hope every day to become more and more like them.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying life in Texas. I LOVE that it is still 80+ degrees and it's November!! I love my roommate Holly who sits and talks with me in the hallway late at night when we both have to get up super early. I love that there are traffic signs that say "Don't mess with Texas". I love that I can get freshly made tortillas at the grocery store every day. I love that it seems to be someone's birthday every weekend. I love that there is a jazz radio station I can listen to in my car, and live jazz on the Riverwalk every night of the week. I love it...and so much more, but it's time for bed. Yes, I'm going to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night...but somebody's got to save lives on the weekend, right?