Thursday, August 11, 2011

On a more embarrassing note...

So...a couple months ago, I was relaxing at home, enjoying my day off, listening to music, when I came across this song. I thought I had discovered it....only to find out it's actually pretty famous, ah well. Anyway, in my boredom I decided to make a music video for Max...and as you will be able to didn't turn out how I planned. I want to do SO much more explaining, but I'll just let you experience it for yourself. Now, before you push play, just know that this is extremely embarrassing. The ONLY reason I am posting this on my blog is because the file is too big to e-mail, text, or get to Max in any other way...and it has taken me two months to finally figure out I could do it this way. Just be warned, these movies are for a mature audience only. Viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy.


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