Sunday, April 17, 2011


One of the first things I found out about Max when we started dating was that he slept in a hammock; not occasionally, not whenever he wanted to nap in the cool afternoon shade, but ALL the time. He had removed his bed from his bedroom and replaced it with a hammock where he would sleep that whole semester. Although I thought it was a bit on the insane side, ideas like these have always drawn me to him. I just never thought I would succumb to them…

It was two in the morning (once again, past my hour of reckoning), and we were deep in the heart of Mexico. Now, when I say deep, I mean deep. We had come upon El Tajin, the ancient ruins we were planning on exploring, but they didn’t open until the morning so we had some night to kill. Max decided it would be a brilliant idea to drive out into the middle of nowhere and set up the hammock for the night. So we drove…and drove….and drove...down countless winding roads through nothing but fields and forests until we came upon the perfect spot. In the middle of what turned out to be a cornfield (I realized in the morning), he tied up the hammock to some avocado trees and we spent the rest of the night in a hammock in the Mexican wilderness.

I was amazed that:
1. We weren’t eaten by Mexican wildcats. In fact, the only contact we had with any life at all was the next morning when a man drove his car all the way down to where we were, got out, barfed in the cornfield, and then got back in his car, turned around, and left. Hm…whatever.
2. It never got cold. We stayed warm with just Max’s amazing Mexican blanket purchased on a previous trip down..and a little cuddling of course.
3. We were not arrested and incarcerated in a Mexican prison. We had NO idea whose field we were in but were pretty sure if someone came to kick us out, we could just act like we didn’t speak Spanish. Well…Max would act, I would be sincerely clueless.
4. Hammocks are surprisingly comfortable.

Max, after a wonderful nights sleep.

The corn/whatever field we called home for the night.

The long windy road that took us there.

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