Monday, December 13, 2010


I wish I could say it was the crazy Christmas rush at the airport. OR the 2 hour drive from Council to Boise on slick, snowy, foggy roads. OR the huge line at security. Unfortunately none of that would be true. The truth is this: I read the wrong line. The flight I THOUGHT I was two hours early for was long gone by the time I got to Boise. So...50 dollars and 6 hours later...I will spend this day...the WHOLE day, in the airport. Thank heavens for free wi-fi. I will take this opportunity for a much-needed blog update.
(Oh and is it so bad that I hope the flight I was SUPPOSED to be on crashes so that I don’t feel so bad about missing it? Ha okay that’s awful. I would never wish that. I’m actually secretly excited to see if I can keep myself entertained all day long with nothing to do! But I DO wish I didn’t have to be at the hospital at 7 tomorrow morning…this is going to be a very short night.)
Well…I just spent the last 6 days in Council, and it was FABULOUS. A little cold, yes, but I can handle anything for a week. I couldn’t get enough time off closer to Christmas, so I came home a couple weeks early to celebrate my birthday and Christmas. We did all the things I love:
Chinese food. (Although my stomache rarely agrees) 

Gingerbread houses and hot cocoa.

Children's Choir concert in Cadwell...Oh how I miss it.

And of course...snow. Lot's of snow.

(Wi-fi too slow to upload snow pic...guess it's time to quit.)

Salt Lake stop, Austin. Now how to get from Austin to San Antonio...?


  1. I found another person I know who bothers to blog! a couple things... My brother Sam lives in Albuquerque. I am sure he would have given you a couch and some non-rotten fruit.I had no idea you were dating anyone. and I miss seeing your family. you guys are pretty cool.

  2. i want to hear more of your adventures at the air port. like 1, how many rednecks did you talk to and 2,how many guys hit on you.